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3 Basic Tips for Playing Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter may look like a simple game from a third-person perspective, but there is more to this game than meets the eye. For starters, you cannot just breeze through an entire level without a strategy as you will likely run out of bubbles to shoot. Aside from that, you will most probably be stuck on a specific level. Thus, it’s ideal to come up with a strategy when playing this game. To help you come up with a better one, we have compiled some useful tips that you can apply in the game below. 

Tip :1 Look for the Joints

One of the most effective strategies in playing Bubble Shooter is to aim directly at the loose joints in the board. Loose joints that hold a cluster of bubbles will provide you with huge scores that will help you get the three-star ratings on each level. That said, you must always look for those clusters or rather the joint that holds those clusters to get a decent amount of points. 

Bubble Shooter Level Complete

Tip 2: Keep Your Power-ups Close

Like most casual games, Bubble Shooter features a wide variety of power-ups to help you with those difficult levels. The problem is that these power-ups are rare, if not expensive to acquire. Unless you have a wad of cash lying around to purchase these power-ups, then you should consider spending these items only when necessary. After all, you do not want to end on a level where you do not have any power up to spare, which results in you having to wait for a free power-up to become available. 

Tip 3: Watch A Few Ads in Bubble Shooter

This tip may look awkward to some, but watching ads will not only help you but the game’s developer as well. By watching a few ads, the game will reward you with coins and power-ups. The best part is that the game will multiply the existing reward just by watching a 15-30 second ad, which is a whole lot better than spending real-world currency in the game. 

Now that you have these basic tips in mind, it’s now time for you to hit that “Play for Free” button on your screen and download Bubble Shooter on your PC today.